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Why Choose Austin Divorce Planners?

At Austin Divorce Planners, we understand that divorce is more than just a legal process – it's a life transition that requires careful financial planning and emotional support. Our team in Austin, TX is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your financial journey during and after your divorce.
  • Specialized Expertise: We are one of the few financial advising firms that focus solely on divorce planning, especially for women.

  • Comprehensive Support: From asset division to budgeting for your new life, we provide tailored advice to protect your financial well-being.

  • Collaborative Approach: We work alongside your attorney to ensure your financial interests are represented accurately and effectively.

Our Services Include:

  • Divorce Financial Analysis: Detailed assessment of marital assets, liabilities, and potential settlement scenarios.

  • Post-Divorce Financial Planning: Strategies to rebuild your financial stability and grow your wealth over time.

  • Retirement and Investment Management: Expert advice to secure your long-term financial future.

Your journey to a secure tomorrow, starts today.

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Effortless Divorce Finance Planning

Comprehensive Divorce Planning

Tailored Divorce Planning for Men, Women, and Couples in Austin, TX

An Equitable Financial Future for All
At Austin Divorce Planners, our expertise extends to specialized divorce planning for both men and women. For men navigating the system that may favor their spouse, our services provide expert guidance to level the playing field. For women, we offer knowledgeable consultations and dedicated assistance, focusing on financial aspects during this challenging transition. Additionally, our balanced approach facilitates collaborative planning for couples, encouraging fair settlements and addressing children's needs.
Our comprehensive planning covers diverse aspects, ensuring meticulous attention to assets such as marital and rental homes, retirement accounts, pensions, and other key financial areas. We don't just focus on immediate concerns; our services encompass post-divorce planning, including college and retirement planning, aiming for a stable future beyond the divorce proceedings in Austin, TX.
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During divorce, experience overwhelming transitions affecting self-perception, family, and financial future. Austin Divorce Planners assists in restoring financial security amid life changes.

With 26 years' expertise and accreditation as CDFA™ and CFP®, we offer full-scale financial services in Austin, TX. We engage in divorce mediations, consult with financial professionals, and specialize in tailored assistance for women, men, and couples.

Count on our meticulous financial guidance—completing assigned financial tasks, asset identification, recommendations for asset division, and software analysis of proposed settlements. Post-divorce, we ensure seamless account transitions, managing liquid assets, and evaluating pensions.